The Importance of a Well Written Professional Resume

The resume is the first contact between the candidate and the employer. It is he who will determine whether the professional will be called for an interview or selection process. That's why making a good impression is critical, as a recruiter typically takes less than a minute to review a summary.

The Importance of a Well Written Professional Resume

A well-structured summary is a potential tool to grab a recruiter's attention. It is the gateway to interviews and possible jobs and must be well structured to ensure that your target - in this case, recruiters - are reached.

A well-made summary is one that is complete, but at the same time objective. It must carry quality content, highlighting, first of all, the professional skills developed, information that most interests the contractors.

An accurate summary is one that carries attributes according to the available vacancy. If the candidate's area of expertise is communication, the document must contain information that shows that he understands the sector.

Another important factor: the resume should bring details of your professional life. Filling it in with the name of the company and the position held is not enough. Describe the functions performed, their responsibilities and, mainly, truthful information. It is no use adding that you are fluent in a language. The company can invite you to a selection process and test your knowledge in the indicated language. Be careful!

A good resume should have a simple but effective structure. They can be classified by five items:

  • Introduction
  • objective
  • qualities
  • experience
  • Training

Below, we will list six fundamental tips that will help you in writing an effective resume. Let's check:

  • Number of pages

  • A good resume is brief and succinct. Give as much detail as possible, but do not exceed 2 pages. Long resumes are boring and selectors don't have time for long readings.
  • Text

  • Pay close attention to the text of your resume, review it so that no spelling or typing errors escape. Also, opt for the use of simple language, without using first-person speeches.
  • Photos

  • Do not attach a photo to the resume, they should only be sent when requested and, in this case, it is worth opting for 3x4 images.
  • Salaries

  • Mentioning your past payments is not a good idea. In some selection processes, they are a fundamental factor in eliminating candidates. Leave the values to be dealt with in person, in case the recruiter brings it up.
  • Format

  • Choose to use white sheets and basic letters - Arial and Times are the most famous - in black. The most suitable document formats for a good resume are Word and PDF.
  • Cover Letter

  • It is not a fundamental item, but it can be inserted as long as it is short and to the point. It is a good tool for sending resume by email.

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